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Le Spa专属身体护理

 感触身体的流动 | 倾听心灵的诉说 | 让身心偶尔停驻



The Little Prince said,

The sense of ritual is to make a certain day different from other days, and make a certain moment different from other moments.


Le Spa


It will be the beginning of your busy ritual, giving your body and mind a moment of rest.

走进Le Spa,是感知的开始...

Entering Le Spa is the beginning of perception...




耳间愉悦空灵的音乐,是Le Spa想给耳朵的仪式感

沉静纯粹的空间花艺,是Le Spa想给眼睛的仪式感




The pleasant and ethereal music in the ear is the ritual feeling Le Spa wants to give to the ear

Quiet and pure spatial floral art, Le Spa wants to give the eyes a sense of ritual

At this moment, you will be served with gentleness, a cup of tea, a snack, and a personalized analysis and suggestions.

Then, turn on the body spa...


是 Le Spa想给身体的仪式感

Let the body and mind relax,

It is the sense of ritual that Le Spa wants to give the body. 




Song Bo (Agarwood) Healing

Lie gently on the healing bed, listen to the soft percussive sound, feel the vibration of the air in the thick sound, and quietly observe the changes in your body and mind.

身体: 当颂钵的声音通过水分子形成的涟漪,震动式按摩与调理,能够重新唤醒、净化并激发身体的细胞与末端神经组织。震动频率在身体内持续按摩到身体的每一个细胞,将人体的负面能量得到转化,疏通身体淤堵,促进气血循环。

精神: 颂钵发出的美妙声音,可以引领人的脑波从愤怒的30HZ、或是昏沉的0.5HZ, 逐渐恢复达到最佳状态的8-12HZ阿尔法波。情绪的压抑,感情、心情等困恼都得到释放与平衡。

能量: 人体是能量的载体,而脉轮则是人体的能量呼吸器官,既朝内吸收能量,也向外放出能量,透过呼吸使我们和周围环境交换能量。脉轮能量越畅通人就越健康,在敲钵的时候,颂钵发岀“嗡″的泛音,也在与脉轮共振共鸣,冲击着脉轮中堵塞的能量,平衡每一个脉轮,疗愈着人体本身。

Body: When the sound of the singing bowl passes through the ripples formed by water molecules, vibration massage and conditioning can re-awaken, purify and stimulate the body's cells and terminal nerve tissue. The vibration frequency is continuously massaged into every cell of the body, transforming the negative energy of the body, dredging the body blockage, and promoting the circulation of blood.

Spirit: The beautiful sound of the singing bowl can lead people's brain waves from an angry 30HZ, or a drowsy 0.5HZ, to the best 8-12HZ alpha wave. The depression of emotions, feelings, mood and other troubles are released and balanced.

Energy: The human body is the carrier of energy, and the chakra is the energy breathing organ of the human body. It not only absorbs energy inward, but also releases energy outward, allowing us to exchange energy with the surrounding environment through breathing. The smoother the chakra energy, the healthier the person will be. When beating the bowl, the singing bowl will make a "buzz" overtone, which also resonates with the chakras, impacting the blocked energy in the chakras, balancing each chakra and healing Healing the human body itself. 





Thai Royal Classic Spa Professional Thai aroma therapists use ADS health herbal balls that are rich in more than 20 pure natural herbs to warm you up.

Eliminate your physical and mental fatigue. The herbal ball has a warm nourishing feeling, press slowly on the body. Gentleness has strong strength, and the strength is just right, which promotes the detoxification and perspiration function of the shoulder and neck meridians.




Himalaya Crystal Salt Therapy

Himalayan mineral salt

It is the residual seawater that was once buried about 600 meters underground. After hundreds of millions of years of squeezing and high temperature, it combines underground minerals with sea salt to form salt fossils. It is 100% natural, pure and free of modern marine pollution, containing more than 98% sodium chloride, and the remaining elements include iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, aluminum, zinc, gallium, silicon, etc. Rich in dozens of minerals and trace elements needed by the human body, it is a veritable "king of salt".



Combine the mineral salt with the salt crystal lamp, and suck the moisture in the surrounding air to its lukewarm surface. The moisture and salt on the surface combine to form a salt solution. Due to the heat of the light, the salt solution is evaporated. During the evaporation, it is negative. The ions are released, causing a large number of biophilic negative ions to appear around the lamp.



Jingxin Aromatherapy Candle Body Warming Oil Spa



A variety of pure plant raw material coconut oil, edible soybean wax and a variety of single essential oil formula made of scented wax, rich scent bursts refreshing, feel the warmth and calm of nature, deeply nourish your skin, for you Relieve fatigue, relax completely, and experience the fragrance and energy of nature.





Ayurveda Four Hands Ultimate Relaxing Spa

Four-hand massage is a relaxing way in which two aroma therapists simultaneously massage one person at the same time.

This care combines the concept of Chinese health preservation and the characteristics of aromatic essential oils, corresponding to body acupoints and meridian dredging, promoting blood circulation, improving stiff and painful muscle tissue, enhancing immunity, and improving sub-health status; promoting dopamine secretion through the comfort of four hands Achieve a state of balance and joy.


Le Spa专属身体项目,严选专供高星级酒店SPA配套的ADS系列产品,为你的身体再度放松,深层积蓄能量。

Le Spa's exclusive body program, carefully selected ADS series products specially designed for high-star hotel SPA, to relax your body again and accumulate energy deeply.

我们关心的,不止是此刻的你。We care more than just you at this moment.